Details and Data

Mobilized by Injustice is available for purchase from Oxford University Press in both kindle and paperback.

National Crime and Politics Survey: The National Crime and Politics Survey (NCPS) was collected in 2013 by the University of Washington Center for Public Interest Polling and the Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity and Race. This survey is primarily discussed in chapter three and chapter four of Mobilized by Injustice. Data and codebook.

Chicago Area Study: The Chicago Area Study (CAS) was collected in 2014 by the Institute of Government and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois. I draw on this survey to examine the influence of community based organizations on the participation of returning citizens in chapter three. A portion of this analysis using a subset of individuals from the Chicago metropolitan area was published in Perspectives on Politics with Michael Leo Owens. The full sample, inclusive of individuals outside of the Chicago area, informed the analysis presented in the book. Data and codebook.

African American Men’s Survey: The African American Men’s Survey was conducted in 2006 by the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, together with the Washington Post and Harvard University. Analysis from this survey is featured in chapter four of the book. Data and codebook.

Latino National Health and Immigration Survey: The Latino National Health and Immigration Survey (LNHIS) was fielded in 2015 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico. This survey is used to assess the impact of involuntary experiences with law enforcement for reasons related to immigration among Latinos, presented in chapter five. Data and codebook.

PEW Latino National Survey: The 2008 National Survey of Latinos (NSL) was collected in 2008 by the Pew Hispanic Survey. Findings from this survey are used to corroborate those derived from the LNHIS, presented in chapter five. Data and codebook.

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